In 2013, we started the E- learning program, as the first school in Lebanon that has a full educational e-learning program; noting that this program isn’t used as a supporting tool. Our program is a combination of the required educational skills and concepts, advanced technology and applications, books, e-books and copybooks. In our program we preserve the spirit of education in an advanced outcome.
All the teachers are fully trained to implement this program in its perfect way.
The school has an agreement with Google education. It uses the features of Google classroom, and also uses advanced software and applications.

Our classes from preschool to grade 12 are equipped with L.C.D. projectors, smart boards, class laptops, wireless internet connection, surrounding sound systems, and a class laptop for the teacher, in parallel to the white board.

n all grades the teacher has to prepare his/her lessons as e-lessons, following the school criteria of educational level. The lessons are designed in an interactive way, including all multimedia resources, applications and educational games. The goal of e-lesson is to increase the student’s motivation to learn.

From preschool to grade 6, the student has a paper book, but the teacher has an e-book that includes all the needed resources that he/ she will need to enrich the lessons.

From grade 7 to 12, not only the teacher has an e-book, but also the students. The student will receive from the school a laptop that includes all the e-books he will use throughout the year.

The student’s e-book is designed in an interactive way; it has videos, audios, flashes, animations, stimulations, and visual labs.

All the students, teachers, and administration are connected together with a school portal; this portal is designed specially for our school to reflect our educational system.

The students from 7 to 12 download all required educational material from the school portal on their laptops and also are able to upload their materials for the teacher.