Vision and mission

The rapid changes and remarkable development in all scientific, technological and social fields put everyone in a state of constant challenge. Therefore, the European Lebanese School always seeks to prepare an educated generation that is aware of the problems and challenges of its time and is fully prepared to deal with its environment effectively and positively. Accordingly, the student will be able, through scientific and practical applications, to achieve the following:

Possess written, oral, and visual communication skills.

Development of aesthetic and creative sense.

The ability to update with technological development and to own the mechanisms for that.

Develop critical thinking and the ability to analyze and make decisions.

Moral principles, values and social standards are non-negotiable and practiced consciously.

Knowledge and clear understanding of all geographical, historical and social facts contributed to the emergence (necessities) of the modern world and the ability to use this information for planning for the future.(in planning for future)

Possessing the spirit of the group and the ability to work with others in the spirit of one team with respect and dedication.

Instilling self-confidence and self-respect, this contributes to increasing the individual’s ability to work independently and motivating him for continuous learning.