Intermediate and Secondary

The goal of the Intermediate school years is for students to develop study and learning skills that will prepare them for Secondary school, college, and beyond. The curriculum is robust: In each of his three years in the Intermediate School, a student takes languages, Mathematics, Social studies, Sciences, and other required classes as determined by his grade level, and all participate in physical education. Varied extracurricular activities provide myriad opportunities for students to try something new. The Intermediate School program fosters dynamic, interactive, and personal learning.

Students begin to spread their wings and discover their interests in an encouraging, cooperative, and caring environment. During their three years of Intermediate School, they learn to take risks, hold responsibility and love learning.
The Secondary School prepares young men to build the world of tomorrow. Students are engaged in a timeless and challenging college-preparatory program that emphasizes strong work ethic, critical thinking skills, effective oral and written communication, and lifelong enjoyment of intellectual pursuits.
Educating the whole student reaches beyond classroom learning. A robust leadership development program and special lectures, along with daily assemblies, bring real-world situations and applications to life.
Our program enables boys to best utilize the skills necessary to learn in the 21st century. Various extracurricular activities give students the chance to try almost anything in a comfortable and collegial environment.